Our counsel fees

Our Counsel fees are calculated according to the time spent on the dossier and a fixed hourly rate.
The hourly rates depend on the intervening lawyer, the specific nature of the dossier and the required timeframe for action.
Alternatively, and with the client’s agreement, we may apply a success fee. The fees may also be at fixed level prices, especially for well defined tasks or foreseeable missions.
We notify our clients of any other expenditures we might encounter.
These expenditures are the variable parts of Lallemand&Legros internal costs. They are either a percentage of the counsel fees or calculated as follows:

  • opening, closure and archiving of dossier for 5 years : 75 euros
  • any typed document (correspondence, procedural act, etc.): 10 euros per page
  • photocopy: 0,50 euros a page
  • emitted telephone call: 2 euros if national and 4 euros if international
  • costs of travel by car: 0,50 euros per km
  • documentation: variable percentage of 2-5% of the counsel fees and a maximum of 50 euros
  • emitted/received fax: 1 euro /0,50 euros

We inform our clients of the hourly rates and calculation methods for expenditures during the opening of the dossier at the latest.
Any change in terms of hourly rates or calculation methods for expenditures are immediately notified to the client and only enter into force after this notification.
The lawyer may need to pay disbursements on the client’s behalf (e.g. bailiff, registry and expert fees, translation costs, travel costs other than by car, accomodation, registered mail costs, special courier etc.) which will be invoiced directly to the client.
Our counsel fees, expenditures and disbursements can be paid in cash.
The law of 2 August 2002 regarding issues of late payment in commercial transactions is applicable for our counsel fees, expenditures and disbursements.
Provisions or intermediate statements are addressed to the client on a regular basis.


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